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DBT Skills in the COVID-19 Pandemic

4.8.2020 - DBT Skills in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Currently, many people are asking how DBT skills can help as healthcare providers face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes a great deal of sense in the current crisis as DBT is well-known for Crisis Survival strategies. Yet, DBT is much more than surviving crises, and using DBT skills well means using a number of skills to act most effectively for one’s goals based on what is required in any given moment. The following is an excerpt of a discussion between Tony DuBose, PsyD, Chief Training Executive at Behavioral Tech, and Esequias Caetano, a psychologist in Patos de Minas, Brazil. This post suggests balancing among several DBT skills.  

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On Radical Acceptance (Part 2)

2.26.2020 - On Radical Acceptance part 2

This feature by Randy Wolbert is the second part in his two-part series about the DBT Skill of Radical Acceptance. Part 1 discussed what Radical Acceptance means as well as the origin of the skill. In this part, Randy explains how the Radical Acceptance skill impacts both clients and DBT therapists.

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