COVID-19 Policy for Onsite Events

Updated 2/15/2023

Behavioral Tech is committed to the safe provision of services in its mission of providing training in
compassionate evidence-based treatment for those with complex mental health needs. The original
policy provided for very careful measures providing guidance for preventing the spread of COVID-19
when engaging in in-person, onsite events and to clarify expectations of BTECH, its trainers and staff,
and clients (entities contracting BTECH to provide training services). BTECH has determined the need to
revise these policies given the latest guidance from the US CDC, and to comply with local regulations
where events are being held.

It is our expectation that all trainers and participants in the training will abide by the regulations of the
local jurisdiction where onsite trainings occur. BTECH staff will determine what these regulations are
when contracting events and apprise trainers of the expectations.

BTECH actively respects the actions of individuals to reduce the risk of infection, such as wearing masks
and avoiding or minimizing physical contact in the training room. We ask that participants who are
showing signs or symptoms of active illness please contact the organizer of the event for further guidance.