Behavioral Tech is committed to making effective treatment easier to access by working to increase the number of trained professionals who can deliver DBT and building the local expertise of DBT training organizations worldwide. Our impact is driven by providing DBT training, resources, and research.   

Over 50,000 clinicians have attended a DBT workshop or training delivered by Behavioral Tech and its affiliates. 

As DBT has expanded to over 50 countries, Behavioral Tech has remained at the forefront by: 

  • Presenting at international conferences
  • Sharing our Clinical Resource Directory to connect therapists and clients
  • Collaborating with researchers to provide the most up to date training in DBT
  • Staying abreast of training and implementation science to utilize the most effective training methods
  • Advocating for the provision of DBT where needed 

DBT was celebrated by TIME in the book 100 New Scientific Discoveries

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