Learning Formats with Behavioral Tech

Behavioral Tech is the original DBT training company founded by Dr. Marsha Linehan, who developed DBT. We have provided DBT training based on the latest research developments over 40,000 providers. Whether you are an individual practitioner or the administrator of a complex system, our expert trainers and varied learning formats can help you meet your DBT training goals. We work with you to implement comprehensive DBT according to the evidence-based model while adapting it to the specific needs of your clinic and clients. Learn more about adopting vs. adapting DBT in our research section.

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In-Person Events

In-person events offer participants the chance to learn directly from our first-class training experts. Trainers mix lecture with experiential learning methods such as role plays, review of footage from real DBT treatment sessions, and discussion. Visit our event calendar to find an upcoming training near you.

Event Options for Agencies and Systems

Behavioral Tech can work with your administrative team to bring DBT training to your site. Depending on your staff size and training budget, you may choose to co-host a public training with Behavioral Tech or to contract with us to provide private training to your staff.

Learn more about services for agencies and systems and contact our sales team to discuss how Behavioral Tech can support your agency as you implement DBT.

Online Training Courses

We offer seven self-paced courses that allow you to learn the essentials of DBT and other therapies from work, a coffee shop, or the comfort of your own home. Learn more about these digital DBT courses.


Consultation services are a personalized way to enhance individual’s clinical skills or grow DBT programs. Consultants can provide support at any level of learning. Schedule consultations on an as-needed or ongoing basis.

Supplemental Resources

Visit our store to browse resources that can support your learning and your practice. These resources are a blend of clinician- and client-focused content.

Learning Communities

Learning communities are offered in conjunction with private training for DBT implementation in an agency setting. In regular online meetings, one of our DBT experts reviews the concepts of DBT as staff members read through the treatment manual. Behavioral Tech uses this tool to help your staff prepare for comprehensive DBT training and ensure that your team gets the most they can out of in-person training.


Live webinars feature DBT experts speaking from their areas of specialty. Webinars offer informative overviews of DBT as it is practiced in various settings and populations. Rent or purchase recorded webinars on Behavioral Tech’s On-Demand Vimeo Channel.