DBT Intensive (A BTECH-Psychwire Partnership)


DBT Intensive: An online training and consultation program for established clinical teams wanting to practice DBT.*

*Price is per team (minimum of 4 team members, maximum of 8).

Read the description below for more details.

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About DBT Intensive

Our DBT Intensive learning pathway has been designed specifically for existing clinical teams (teams are groups of three-to-eight providers), all of whom are committed to working together to help each other deliver effective treatment. This comprehensive learning experience equips participant teams with not only the practical knowledge of DBT, but also guidance on how to effectively apply DBT in their respective treatment settings.

DBT team members support one another by motivating each other, and by helping each other be the best DBT therapist possible. Alongside your team, you will hone your clinical performance by learning through didactics, demonstrations of treatment, practice, and recorded discussions of expert DBT therapists that bring DBT theory and strategies to life. You’ll learn how to help clients engage in new behaviors, generate hope and maintain commitment, and troubleshoot and address the problems that may hinder those commitments.

If you and your team are looking to offer this valuable treatment in your respective settings, we can’t wait for you to join us by enrolling in the DBT Intensive program.

Course Goals

  • Educate participants in decision-making processes required to determine the most effective treatment plans
  • Support teams in developing and implementing DBT programs

Eligibility Requirements

Your application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • You are an active and contributing member of a DBT Consultation Team
  • You and your colleagues are applying to complete the program together
  • You hold the legal credentials required in your local jurisdiction to provide mental health treatment

Conflicts of Interest

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