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Chats with Trainers: Addressing Invalidation Related to Minority Status

The strategic use of validation is an important component of DBT. Validation from the therapist often provides needed corrective learning experiences about emotion, relationships, and effective behavior in the current environment. This discussion will focus on specific considerations for validation when implementing DBT with clients whose race or gender identity has led to unique experiences of invalidation. This discussion is aimed at helping therapists address the pervasive experience of invalidation that accompanies minority status.

Learning Objective
Participants will be able to identify specific considerations for validating clients who have experienced the invalidation as a result of their minority status.

Virtual Meeting Details
Date: April 23rd, 2020
Time: 10:00am – 11:00pm Pacific / 1:00pm – 2:00pm Eastern
Meeting Duration: 60 minutes
Registration Fee: $75.00

Participants will receive a Zoom meeting invite no later than 24 hours before the session. Please email if you do not receive an invite.

About Small Group Consultations with DBT Experts
This session is one of our “Small Group Consultations with DBT Experts” within the Chats with Trainers series. We will address specific questions that are commonly faced in delivering DBT. This format is designed to focus on a specific question in a group consultation format with a maximum of 8 participants. This small, more intimate group setting led by our expert Behavioral Tech Trainers will allow for a deep exploration of the particular challenge at hand. Please note, CE credits will not be offered.


Vibh Forsythe Cox, PhD

Seattle, WA (United States)
Vibh Forsythe Cox, PhD, is a Training and Development specialist for Behavioral Tech, LLC (BTECH). She is part of the team that creates content for BTECH’s training offerings. Dr. Cox is also a Trainer and consultant for Behavioral Tech. In that role, she provides consultation for DBT teams internationally, specializing in newly forming DBT teams. She has experience providing DBT in a variety of settings, including university-based research, inpatient hospitals, outpatient clinics, and forensic settings. Dr. Cox is a licensed Psychologist in Washington State and is certified by the DBT – Linehan Board of Certification. Dr. Cox is invested in DBT because she sees it as a way to use compassionate, evidence-based care to give hope and solutions to people whose suffering is leading them to contemplate suicide or preventing them from reaching goals that are meaningful for them. Even when people know what kind of treatment could help them move toward their important goals, they are not always able to access that treatment. Dr. Cox is committed to increasing equitable access to treatment. In addition to using this treatment directly with clients, she joined the Behavioral Tech team in order to help train more providers to effectively deliver this life changing treatment. Dr. Cox also works to train treatment providers in her role as a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington. She is the Director of the Marsha M. Linehan DBT Clinic, a training clinic where she supervises graduate student trainees as they learn the foundations of DBT. Also in service of her goal to increase equity in treatment, Dr. Cox has provided team consultation related to Anti-Racism in DBT.


Participation Agreement:

I understand that I, and fellow participants, will engage in an audiovisual discussion of our clinical work, and that it is my responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of what is discussedI agree to maintain strict confidentiality about participant, patient- or client-specific information that may be shared.  I agree to not discuss this information with anyone outside of the discussion, nor say or do anything that compromises the participants’ or patients’ confidentiality. 
I agree to participate in this video-based discussion with an expert DBT consultant, and I will attend this virtual discussion in a private and secure environmentensuring that no one who is not registered for this training can see my screen nor hear the audio.
I understand that BTECH has a strict policy prohibiting audio or visual recording for all aspects of training provided by Behavioral Tech trainings. I recognize and agree that recording without permission may result in a violation of patient confidentiality and may subject me to legal action.
acknowledge that it is an expectation for participants in BTECH events to adopt the agreements that guide DBT consultation teams. I agree to abide by these in my interactions with others involved.
By checking the box in the registration form below, I agree to and accept all terms of this agreement.


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