What Our Customers Say About Our Services

In-Person Training

“The trainers were amazingextremely skilled and genuine. Their self disclosures were funny and touching. And they didn’t just answer our questions, they continually checked in to see how we were holding up”
-Vicki Weidman, Participant, Team-Building Intensive Program

“We were able to bring an expert to our agency to train our staff in suicide risk assessment and management. Our staff members found the information and training very helpful.
-Seiko Yamashita, Participant, Suicide Risk Assessment Management Workshop

“The experience was life and career changing for me. [The] instruction, the demonstrations, and the daily mindfulness all came together to not only give me a new and fresh perspective on this treatment – but a new look at myself and my future path.”
-Jordan Moore, Participant, Foundational Training

“The content and presentation far exceeded my expectations.”
-Joe Silvia, Clinician, Foundational Training

Consultation and Agency Training

“Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Herrick Campus launched a new DBT program in early October 2015 at the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels of care.  We offer intensive DBT to people who need more support than typical outpatient settings provide.  Ongoing consultation and training with Behavioral Tech has fostered excellent clinical care and high fidelity to the DBT model.
-Rima Dolgoff-Kaspar, Clinician, Agency Training

Online Training

“Doing an online training now and wishing all my classes were like this!”
-Sara Russell, Participant, Online Training

DBT Skills Manuals

“…I have read every word of these new [DBT Skills] manuals (seriously) and learned a lot. There are new ideas, new skills, improved teaching methods, etc. in these books and fully digesting the manuals will help our entire community achieve a much deeper understanding of and appreciation for DBT skills.”
-Alan Fruzzetti, Psychologist, Skills Manuals


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